More Opportunities to Play!

We've been fortunate, indeed...have a nice following at McK's in Daytona Beach (what a great place!); have played a few contra dances - Good Fun, those!- had an opportunity to play at a school (and talk a bit about the instruments and music); spent some time at the VA Hospital and a local nursing home playing fun music to lighten up the long days; had some nice private events during the holidays and are playing a few things for the upcomin' St. Patrick's Day festivities; some new festivals cookin' up that are looking to us for some rockin' entertainment - it's been a nice couple of years!  

The best thing is the folks we meet when we're out and about.  We've made some good friends who come to see us regularly - they help make the performances more exciting and certainly more fun...the audience participation is through the roof, folks!  And we LOVE it!

We occasionally have some friends "sit in" with us, as well, which makes for some spiced-up music for our friends to hear...on our own we've added a lot - Jacob's got a few new songs to do, and Linda has added a couple of "singin' things" to our repertoire...Dave has a different arrangement offering for one of our sets that really makes it move!...Sharon's brought us a few new (and challenging!), fiddle tunes to mix it up, and Mark and Bobby kick our sets off in high style with their pipe and drum settings of traditional songs and pipe airs.  

There's certainly never a dull moment...and we're wide open to suggestions and requests, now...practice and steady playing out makes for confidence.  Bring it on, World!  We'll entertain all comers!