Been Some Places...Seen Some Things!

Whew!  Let's see - This'll be the last post to "History!"

Muni Strings Open Irish Session - 2 More Tunes Learned - and we negotiated the ones from the last go-round, as well!  We've got a nice list of attendees - and while I beg their patience, I am posting the sheet music and mp3's of tunes for folks to practice up for next time!

English Country Dance with the Party Maggots!  My goodness - oldies (from the 15th and 16th centuries!) but goodies for Dancing Fun at St. Cloud Rec Center - NICE crowd - always good fun for some of our bandmates - Sharon, Dave and Jacob with our good friend, Michelle Fuller are "The Party Maggots"!  (Maggots = Favorites, in the vernacular!)

We played our favorite place twice this month, as well - 1st and 3rd Fridays we have a wonderful time entertaining the good folks at McK's Tavern in Datyona Beach - always great people there!  And we surely appreciate McK's hosting LIVE music every Friday night!

We were Pirates for a Day - Arrrrrr, Mateys!  And played a 10th Anniversary Reaffirmation of Vows (how romantic!) for a beautiful couple - one would NEVER guess they'd been married so long - sweet lovebirds!

The Piece de Resistance - the Red Chair Affair 2012 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center!  We played outside, Featuring the Inisheer Irish Dancers - and enjoyed ourselves mightily - making it inside in time to catch nearly all the other great performances!   Set your calendars up for next year - this is a HUGE show with the Orlando Philharmonic, Orlando Ballet, YOW Dance, SAK Comedy, Orlando Opera, Orlando Aerial Arts, and Us Truly - Just Twistin' Hay with the Inisheer Irish Dancers!

Chris Bridges was kind enough to come out and take some pics - coming soon!!!

In September we're blessed to have our gig at McK's the 1st and 3rd Fridays AND to be playing another performance with the Inisheer Irish Dancers - This time at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center!  We sure hope you can make it out to one of these fun events - the dancers are fantastic!!  It's a grand time to be had, that's for sure!!

Wonderful Stuff!

Be sure to check out our up-to-date Calendar so you can catch us out and about!

We're enjoying the great fun of having the Inisheer Irish Dancers with us at some events, now...hope to do many more in the future!

In case you didn't see it, we were Front Page of the Daytona Beach News Journal's Entertainment Section on Friday, July 20th - Thank YOU!!!

We had a nice show at the Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary - thank you to Piper and Virginia of the Inisheer Irish Dancers, for making it such a grand time!

We're grateful to our family and friends for visiting our performances and events, and the fantastic venues that support LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!

Please come out and share the spirit with us!  We're havin' a wonderful time! 

Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary, Florida - Sweet Show!

We had a fantastic time at the Gateway Center!  

Wonderful audience - and we were fortunate to have the sound assistance of Mr. Bob Patterson from the Gateway Center, and the assistance and welcome from our very gracious hostess Ms. Sandra Wilson.

We're grateful to have the fantastic, talented Inisheer Irish Dancers with us on occasion, now...and they did not disappoint!  Dancing adds so much excitement - the liveliness and percussive sounds are delightful - Thank you so much to Piper Hatcher and Virginia Boone for their beautiful, spirited dancing!

Thanks to all who attended - there'd be no show without the audience!  It was a grand time - can't wait to come out again!

Be Entertained, Folks!!!

WooHOOO and WhoooPEEEE!

Thank you to the Daytona Beach News Journal for the GREAT article featuring Just Twistin' Hay!  

We're blessed to have some fantastic talent on-board, and the wonderful support of friends and family!

Thank you -

Chris Bridges for the beautiful photos!

McK's Tavern for hosting the best times, best patrons, having the nicest staff, and featuring Fabluous Entertainment!

The other venues where we've been given the opportunity to perform - Thank you for supporting LIVE, LOCAL, TRADITIONAL MUSIC!  

Find their links on our Links page to see where they are and what's offered!

Thank you to everyone who comes out to hear us play - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


McK's Tavern on 20 July 7 p.m.

Be there....Be Entertained!

Don't settle for the same ol' stuff...

don't settle for the juke box, or

some off-key karaoke, or

a too-loud rock band, or

too-soft folk singer...

come get yer ears pinned back with some rockin Irish Trad Music played with joy and spirit - come get into it with us - sing a a lot!

McK's Tavern and Just Twistin' Hay - BE ENTERTAINED!

McK's Tavern!

The inimitable McK's Tavern!  Great atmosphere, great food, great drinks and huge variety of tap and bottle beers, full bar, delicious food, friendly wait staff, and Dave is a great host.  We always have a grand time there playin, dancin', meeting new folks, seeing good friends come in...

Remember play at McK's Tavern every 1st and 3rd Fridays!  Aren't they smart?  ;-)

Hope to see you out there some time...feels like home!

Cocoa Beach Contra

Yet another blast at Cocoa Beach!  The dance was hoppin...the Indian food we inhaled before the dance was delicious and we were among good friends Diana Ryder and Catie Geist.  

We all tucked into some curry dishes, and some thing none of us recognized..always fun there!  And still made it to the dance, which was a ball...

Thank you all for making these events so much fun!!!

Hot Times at Tayton O'Brian's!

Saturday, 14 July Tayton O'Brian's on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach was dancin'a jig Saturday night as we rocked the house with tunes and songs and dancing and dueling fiddles...

Wonderful time there...saw some good friends...and had delicious sandwiches from the late menu - real turkey, right off the bone!  Yummy warm breads, and real taters french fries!  Yum, Yum!

Can't wait to go back and enjoy the traditional atmosphere, and good fun to be had there...Got a boatload of interesting beers on tap and in bottles, ya'll!


Great Fun at a New Event! Earth Day Folk Fest in Casselberry!

Grand time had by all!  

Well-attended, lots of tasteful (and tasty!) vendors of wares, plants, and foodstuffs, loads of kiddie activities, pet-adoptions, a beer vendor from Orlando Brewery (organic, fresh - nice!), lots of great raffles and give-aways (trees!  courtesy of WalMart), lots of educational seminars on conservation related topics, paddle-boarding and kayaking on Lake Concord (demos and classes)...

All in a beautiful park - lush, green, shady lawns, clean, nice facilities - right on lovely Lake Concord just behind the City Hall building in Casselberry.  Lots of families were out and about, plenty of doggies, too!

We had great sound provided by Brett Cammack (see our links page for more), got to see and hear some friends play, Sharon hula-hooped whilst playing her fiddle (never know what to expect from her, but I will say it is always good!), we had our guest flutist - Nicole Chism (who also has a lovely voice!), play and sing some with us.

Thanks to the City of Casselberry, and Central Florida Folk - for putting on a class event at a beautiful venue for a good purpose - education, conservation, greening-up - and for supporting Engaging, Entertaining, LIVE Music!

More Opportunities to Play!

We've been fortunate, indeed...have a nice following at McK's in Daytona Beach (what a great place!); have played a few contra dances - Good Fun, those!- had an opportunity to play at a school (and talk a bit about the instruments and music); spent some time at the VA Hospital and a local nursing home playing fun music to lighten up the long days; had some nice private events during the holidays and are playing a few things for the upcomin' St. Patrick's Day festivities; some new festivals cookin' up that are looking to us for some rockin' entertainment - it's been a nice couple of years!  

The best thing is the folks we meet when we're out and about.  We've made some good friends who come to see us regularly - they help make the performances more exciting and certainly more fun...the audience participation is through the roof, folks!  And we LOVE it!

We occasionally have some friends "sit in" with us, as well, which makes for some spiced-up music for our friends to hear...on our own we've added a lot - Jacob's got a few new songs to do, and Linda has added a couple of "singin' things" to our repertoire...Dave has a different arrangement offering for one of our sets that really makes it move!...Sharon's brought us a few new (and challenging!), fiddle tunes to mix it up, and Mark and Bobby kick our sets off in high style with their pipe and drum settings of traditional songs and pipe airs.  

There's certainly never a dull moment...and we're wide open to suggestions and requests, now...practice and steady playing out makes for confidence.  Bring it on, World!  We'll entertain all comers!

St. Patrick's Day Bookings - Time's A-Wastin'!

We're excited to find we're in demand for the upcomin'...

If you haven't seen/heard us lately - life's been good and the music just keeps getting better all the time...

Come out when you have a chance - you might find we'd be perfect for your event - no matter what you are celebrating.

Holidays are upon us...we wish everyone on the planet, but especially our family and friends -

Joy, Peace, Comfort, Health and Prosperity - and not necessarily in that order, but certainly as you need them!


Grand Time at Deland Music Festival!

Whoa!  What an amazing event!  Main Stage at the Courthouse was HUGE!  

And there were over 200 bands from any genre you could imagine...folk, rock, ska, zydeco, Irish (us!), country, metal, name it, it was represented here...

Deland and the Singer-Songwriter Association know how to put on a Shindig!

Thank you to Jaii M. Hein Sound Productions, Phil Weidner, Gail Carson Photography, and all the great bands and people who supported the festival...we sure enjoyed it!

Here's a link to save for next year's event - put it on your calendar to attend - you won't be disappointed, no matter what your musical interest!

It's All About Friends and Family

"Just Twistin' Hay" - curious about the name?  It's a bit of Irish "slang", that is loosely translated to mean "makin' merry mischief with no harm done"...That's a bit of what we're about!

By now you might've realized some of our Band Members are very familiar...We're fortunate to have the amazing talent and ability, and the warm, friendly collaborative efforts, of the following:

Sharon Hartmann is an extraordinary fiddle player (40 years with bow-in-hand!), - winning State contests, playing for dance contestants in Canada, judging, teaching, playing in various bands from Traditional Irish to Bluegrass - her talent knows no genre 'though she is most familiar to us in the last decade +, as the fiddle heading up "The Barnstorm Quartet" - playing everything from swing and pop tunes to great old-time dance music. She's played with the "Titanic 3rd Class Steerage" band, as well, along with some of our other members. Sharon has a "bottomless" repertoire of Irish and Scottish traditional tunes and songs - her knowledge and experience give us a creative edge - her harmony vocals lend interest to the arrangements.  An all-around talent!

On to the family acts:

Bobby Brannen's (Son!), honest, warm vocals have been heard locally at McK's Tavern and Malony's Pub for a few years, now.  Bobby's expressive guitar, uilleann pipes, and whistle playing give us a unique and exciting presence...there's nothin' more fun than watchin' that guy "suit-up" with those pipes - wait'll you hear their sweet, sweet sound.

Mark Brannen (Father!), brings his exceptional, traditional bodhran-playing to our group - Solid, exciting, powerfully expressive - he and Jacob (our other drum), "play nice together".  Mark's also got a great voice, we've discovered...and has quite a few songs he delivers with that same power and expression he applies to his drumming - There's never a dull moment!  Mark and Bobby have played together as a duo for a few years locally, at Malony's Pub, and have a vast repertoire of traditional Irish music to lend the group. They are steady additions to the few Irish Sessions that cook up around town - You might have the pleasure of hearing them at McK's in Daytona Beach, or at the Claddagh Cottage in Orlando, sometime.

Dave Clipp (a former trombonist!), is an "all things string" musician, playing mandolin, fingerstyle- and rhythm guitar, and banjo for over 17 years with a band called "Bardicrose" and has recently been a member of the "Titanic 3rd Class Steerage" band, as well. He possesses the unique ability to find his way around any stringed instrument.  He'll be the one onstage with 4 or 5 instrument cases behind him! Dave adds his knowledge and sense of harmony and rhythm to our group which helps us build such full and interesting arrangements, as he chooses which instrument sounds best and what part must be filled.

Jacob Butler is a newfound talent on the bodhran - you won't see or hear anything like his unique sound - Incredible speed, steady rhythm, syncopation, changing tones, and smooth, easy-going style - an exciting complement to the traditional music, and a fantastic soloist. He's played highland pipes, bluegrass and clawhammer-style banjo, electric guitar, and bass, and brings his innate musical talent and creativity to bear on the Band. Jacob also provides vocals and finds graceful harmonies with ease. He's a student at Stetson University and participates in many local creative events in Deland.

Linda Clipp (Wife to Dave, Mom to Jacob!), is a steady "second-fiddle", if you will, adding interesting backup and harmony or melody to Sharon's fiddle - and you'll hear her chunkin' some syncopated rhythm mandolin, and singin' some backup vocals, too. Linda's been fortunate to have played with "Somethin' Else", and with "Marybeth and Friends", in the past, and has taken her turn at the trombone (once in a "silly song" contest!).  She's actually the one who saw all of this and realized how well it would fit together...Linda keeps the collaborative spirit alive and continually brings fresh music to light - she provides the drive and inspiration for "Just Twistin' Hay".

We all hope you'll hear us play sometime, and feel same warmth and joy we experience when we share this music together.