November Events & Happenin's - Thankful to All!

The Deland Music Festival was a HOOT, ya'll!  

We had 2 sets, Fantastic attendance, got loads of pics from all kinds of folks, made tons of contacts with people who loved our music/performance...and Jacob and Sharon sat in a bit with Bing Futch (who, if you haven't listened to his amazing dulcimer music...well, you're missing out!  Google this guy!)...we just had a grand time!

We're all set to play McK's on Friday, 16 November - have 2 new songs we've worked out, one followed by a rousing little jig we found - and are adding a new set of jigs, to boot!  The pleasure of working together on this music cannot be overstated - it's just a blast to play and work out new things together - we're blessed to have so much talent and good spirits on board!

We have a booking at a new venue for us - Taste Restaurant, in Orlando - it's in the College Park Neighborhood - nice shopping and dining district - Taste features LIVE music Fridays and Saturdays, they do some large events as well featuring many local bands - and their menu is wonderful - tapas, Caribbean-inspired, California-style - tasty stuff, ya'll!

We'll be there on 24 November - kick off at 10 p.m.!  Please come and support local music and venues that provide good entertainment for your pleasure!

That said, we'll be enjoying the good spirits at McK's as part of the Black Sheep Ceili Band on 30 November - proceeds to go to the family of David Hoffman (RIP, Dave), who passed away recently and leaves his beautiful wife and two young children.  Dave was part-owner of McK's - a fine establishment that is carryin' on their tradition of providing LIVE music for your enjoyment every Friday night - Black Sheep Ceili Band is a mix of happy musicians "ewe" won't want to miss!

Wild October!

Whew!  LOTS in October!

Our Sharon went to South Korea for an event called "Folkloriada" - with the "American Racket" cloggers, and a cast of friends to play for dancers from around the world!  

Just Twistin' Hay played McK's and had a blast!  A few dancers have shown up there - WooHOO!  And we had our good friend Marty accompany us on October 5th - to add some essential melody-makin' - what a treat it is to play with such a talented, good spirit!  Thanks to Marty for makin' our evening so grand!

We were afforded the wonderful opportunity to play for a special event at the Mennello Museum - "Pumpkins and Pies"!  Costume parade, auction, door prizes - PERFECT weather for an outdoor event - and we were joined by Ted Strauss on mandolin - excellent!

The next morning found us at the Maitland Farmer's Market - BEAUTIFUL weather - plenty of wonderful folks out with their families, pets, friends - we had a GREAT time and met some sweet folks - Ya'll, that's a weekly event at Lake Lily Park on Sundays - you should check it out - always live music, vendors, a beautiful park - something fun and different to do!

We helped celebrate Tayton O'Brian's One Year Anniversary - it just happened to be a Hurricane Party as well - Just enough to be wild outside - apparently not enough to discourage a nice, appreciative crowd of music-lovers!  

We're conducting the Open Irish Fiddle Jam at Muni Strings as well - perfect setting to learn a little, share a little - play nicely with like-minded folks!

We're grateful for and appreciative of our friends and family who enjoy live music and come out to be entertained!  Visit venues that provide great entertainment for your pleasure!  GET OUT and ABOUT!  Have some fun!  Be Entertained!!!

Busy Bees!

September was very busy !...and we LOVE that!  

We enjoyed the good folks at McK's, and we played a couple of new places!

On Saturday the 15th we had the Inisheer Irish Dancers accompany us at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center!  It's a beautiful place - acoustically fabulous - and the show was wonderful! What a fantastic opportunity it is to play for the Inisheer Irish Dancers - they are exciting, and just a joy to work with...We've had the pleasure on 3 occasions, now, and hope to do a lot more in the future!  Be looking for it - this is the kind of performance you won't want to miss!

On Saturday the 22nd we played at Nolan's Irish Pub in Cocoa Beach!  What a lovely place!  The patrons there were all very engaged in the music, which makes everything so much fun, truly...we had a great time there - hope to go back when the New Year rolls in!

On a very sad note, we lost a good friend - Dave Hoffman, owner of McK's (in partnership), passed away.  The memorial for Dave was amazing - so many people and just a warm celebration.  Dave will be sorely missed - his family and friends will cherish the memory of his generous spirit always.

Sound of Music - Labor of Love!

Have we been busy!  

We've been so fortunate to have McK's Tavern hosting Live Traditional Irish Music featuring Just Twistin' Hay for nearly 2 years, now!!!  

And you may have seen the news articles, features, heard the radio interviews, seen the fun performances at the larger venues, had the pleasure of seeing the Inisheer Irish Dancers join us, been to the festivals - bizzy-buzz-buzz!!

You've Heard the Sound of Music and Seen the Fruits of a Labor of Love!

We've honed our craft...made space for people to really grow and "ham-it-up"...went through the usual quick-changes a forming group goes through...nabbed some sweet talent as the outcome...and are rock-solid now with some absolutely fine folks on board - we're going to keep up on the crest of the wave by continuing to work and play as hard as we can! 

The creative spirit is high, practices are a hoot yet work is getting done, new music keeps popping out all over the place - vocals AND instrumentals -

EVERYONE is inspired, committed, talented, contributing and interested!

Nevertheless - we owe so very much not only to each of the talented members of the band past and present - but to the people who 

  • love live music, 
  • recognize good musicians,
  • realize what fun is being had,
  • know the work that's going into it,
  • understand being entertained,
  • and Know How to Have a Great Time
  • So...Very heartfelt thanks to the kind and generous community of friends and family who continue to enjoy and encourage us - we sincerely appreciate your patronage - and your fine taste in music!  ;-)