June into July - News!

June saw another great Muni Strings Irish Fiddle Workshop and Jam - all open, all fun - learn & share - can't get better than that for sheer joy!  Sharon walks us through some pieces - then we step it up a bit.  If you're interested, email linda@justtwistinhay.com or visit our Facebook Page for more information! 

McK's is fabulous - they continue to be the best pub in the area - part of that is their devotion to LIVE TRADITIONAL music - so every Friday night, and most Saturdays, you will be part of a traditional pub experience with the best music and most toe-tapping fun you'll find in Central Florida or on the Coasts, bar none!  We're proud to be part of that - and we have surprises like Dancers, Guest Performers - it's truly a grand experience. 

The Cocoa Contra Dance community is a wonderfully spirited group of folks, and their dances are a riot to play - they love the music...Even danced to Waltzing with Bears, as sung by Sharon Hartmann!   

Then it was on over to Pinellas for the Tampa Dance crowd!  What a lively bunch!   

We're coming up on August when we'll be playing our favorite spot, McK's, and we're in Gainesville for another contra dance, then back in Maitland for the Farmer's Market... 

So come out and join us for some Musical Excitement!