Greetings Fellow Traditional Music Lovers!

Born of a few folks who LOVE to play traditional music of all kinds - and like to "mix-it-up" - Just Twistin' Hay picked a name, picked some rousing, fun tunes and songs - and

Here We Are - Enjoying Ourselves and Entertaining YOU!

Invite Us to Play for You -

Make Your Celebration, Your Venue, Your Festival

ALIVE with Engaging, Exciting, Toe-Tappin' MUSIC!

Be Entertained!

- Sharon Hartmann - 40+ years playing fiddle, Sharon is a solid talent - She's a mainstay with the local band "Barnstorm Trio" (see the link on our links page), plays with the "Late Fer Dinner" bluegrass fellas, with English Country Dance Band "The Party Maggots"- playin' hits from the 15th century forward - and moves through swing, old-time, Celtic, bluegrass, classical, pop - simply put - No limits to what this gal can do on the fiddle - crosses genres with authenticity - and without blinking!  Don't you blink, either - you'll miss it! 

- Lee Simpson's Intricate, Complex Guitar Playing, and Powerful Vocals Add a Rich, Warm Layer to Our Music!  Lee is a bandmate of Sharon's in "Barnstorm Trio", plays with "Rick Birckbeck & Friends" - has been a professional musician for 40+ years - and totally gets swing, old-time, bluegrass, Celtic, pop, rock covers - this guy does it all with grace, style, fierce talent, and wit - Lee is very subtle and astute -  understanding "how to play nicely with others" - he inspires, educates, and surprises us - we're VERY fortunate to have his fine talent with us - we know you'll enjoy!

 - Jacob Butler - Powerful Voice, Exciting Banjo, Incredible Bodhran - can't say enough about this amazingly talented young man - Tune arranger, rhythm out the ying-yang, amazing BIG vocals - clear, crisp, deep - He finds us new vocal pieces and Jacob also brings out old music in new ways - Twists the tradition - keepin' it fresh but true!

- David Clipp - Talented, Experienced, Multi-instrumentalist, and can dish out the vocals with the best of 'em!  Dave's cool bass and sweet mando and zook playin' fill in and take us up a notch 'er two - He's also a founding member of longtime Celtic Folk Band, "Bardicrose" - we make good use of his multiple talents and 20+ years of playin' - Dave has a good sense for interesting arrangements and hey! - we've even got him singing! - Wait'll you hear it!!